2016, Year In Review

It’s that time of year again. Time to pause, take stock, and look back on the year in music. Is it a “Best Of”? Sorta. Is it a chronicle of my favorite music? Yeah, I guess. More than anything, though, it’s simply a list. Just a little list I share with anyone interested each year. This year’s list (and all previous lists–dating back to 2005!) can be found here. As always, enjoy!

THE RULES: As in (some) years past, this year I’ll attempt to write a post for each song. Typically that entails a brief entry exploring some topic that may or may not be related to the themes/ideas/timeframe of the song. Then I include a paragraph or two about the song itself. I follow a First-Draft/Best-Draft Principle: all posts are plotted out but then written in one sitting with only minimal revision. This ain’t perfection we’re going for. Pretty simple, right? This year spices it up just a bit by scattering some excerpts from my “Self, Help!” manuscript How To Be A Good Dude. Those posts are marked accordingly.