about cg

I’m a writer of essays, social posts, and short and children’s fiction; a design and technology consultant; a teacher at NYU; and a digital marketer with a focus on social media and brand voice.

I live in Chicago, but have also had stops in Austin, San Francisco, New York, South Bend, Ann Arbor, and all the way back to where it started, Detroit.

I have a few degrees from the University of Michigan (PhD, BA) and one from the University of Notre Dame (MFA). Though my background is creative writing, along the way I’ve picked up social media and teaching as my professional interests.

More than anything I get jazzed by taking on new challenges and working with inspiring people, hence the existence of this website and the desire to connect with new opportunities.

If you’re interested in connecting professionally, please start by connecting here or seeing my latest work stuff on LinkedIn.


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