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It gives me great pleasure to share the following job call for a new Director of PWR with a joint appointment in the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Affiliated with PWR since 2005, I am now the lone representative from PWR on the committee (as a non-tenure-track lecturer, to boot), and so I’m happy to answer any questions about the Program and/or the projected relationship we hope to cultivate with the GSE. Feel free to share with interested colleagues by the deadline, December 15.

The job application can be accessed here:


Open for business

After the soft launch last month, I’m proud to officially unveil the NEW Inside you’ll find a lot of new content, links, and information related to my professional and creative life. There are still a few holes where things need to be added/edited, but those will take shape in the coming weeks. Until then, take a look around, and welcome!

Thanks, Wes

I want to give a huge THANKS to my pal Wes for helping me to migrate my old Drupal site to this new home, and for also hosting my sites for the past 4+ years.

Wes and I spent our formative years together in Riverview, MI, mainly while floating down the Detroit River between 5-7am each morning. As members of a men’s crew, we not only traveled the country together, we also both regularly weighed in shy of 140lbs. He indulged my nascent love of Morrissey, and I his history in scouting and Mormonism.

Wes still lives in metro Detroit, and we remain close friends despite the distance and time.

Updating in progress

I’m in the process of transferring content from my old Drupal site. In the meantime, please forgive the messiness, missing content, and broken links. The upgrade to WP will surely be a good one, but it takes time…