Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. I wish everyone had the luxury and curiosity to read more poetry this month. More so, I wish everyone had the time and interest to write some poetry this month. Here’s my little contribution:

Ice Cream

The chill rains came
they never stopped coming
people faces buried
shuffled by in the gray
din of a bus’s gutter wake
and the wind’s incessant
shaking of premature screens

Read the rest here: https://medium.com/@cgerben/ice-cream-ec831cc1be66


I’m very proud to introduce the world to Read•Write•Design, my editing agency that is taking over where cgerben consulting left off. My plans for the agency include providing project work for individual and corporate clients. Please check out the site and stay tune.

Hello, Eleanor

Blame it on a lack of sleep or the after-effects of her early arrival, but I’m late in formally announcing the happiest thing I’ve experienced in 3yrs:

On August 19 our second daughter, Eleanor, was born in Austin, TX.

In keeping with my previous stance on digital footprints with Orla, I won’t be posting any more photos or information about her. It’s my opinion that people should be in charge of their own lives online, even if those virtual lives won’t begin for several years (I hope.)

Just the same, Eleanor is as beautiful, happy, and healthy as her big sister. And we can’t be much happier as we welcome her to this big, weird world.

This American Life

This_American_Life_logoYes, that was me on Episode 587, “The Perils of Intimacy,” of This American Life. I’m at work on a companion podcast to explain the process of pitching the idea, working with a producer, and then hearing the (fairly surprising) results on the air.

Stay tuned!

Happy New Year


The chill rains have come and gone. The days full of twilight are at their end. The winter–spent staring out a window, waiting for spring–has reached its conclusion.

It’s time for spring. For a new year. For baseball, and a return to our normal, full lives.

Go Tigers.


The new year is upon us. After their victory today, Detroit is now on pace to go 162-0 in the 2015 season. I have no reason to doubt this.

Go Tigers. Happy New Year.

Open for business

After the soft launch last month, I’m proud to officially unveil the NEW chrisgerben.com. Inside you’ll find a lot of new content, links, and information related to my professional and creative life. There are still a few holes where things need to be added/edited, but those will take shape in the coming weeks. Until then, take a look around, and welcome!

Thanks, Wes

I want to give a huge THANKS to my pal Wes for helping me to migrate my old Drupal site to this new home, and for also hosting my sites for the past 4+ years.

Wes and I spent our formative years together in Riverview, MI, mainly while floating down the Detroit River between 5-7am each morning. As members of a men’s crew, we not only traveled the country together, we also both regularly weighed in shy of 140lbs. He indulged my nascent love of Morrissey, and I his history in scouting and Mormonism.

Wes still lives in metro Detroit, and we remain close friends despite the distance and time.