I’m very proud to introduce the world to Read•Write•Design, my editing agency that is taking over where cgerben consulting left off. My plans for the agency include providing project work for individual and corporate clients. Please check out the site and stay tune.

Presentation at CCCC Houston


As part of the annual CCCC conference, I am sharing a presentation titled “Perceptual Beta: The Importance of Changing Terms for Online and ‘New’ Writing with Our Students,” the full text of which can be read here.

The (slightly altered) slides can be found here, and the script can be seen here.

For more information (including full data, redistribution, etc.) please contact me directly.

New publication in “Across the Disciplines”

I’m very honored and happy to have a piece published in Across the Disciplines. My multimedia piece, “Author in the Arts: Composing and Collaborating in Text, Music, and the Visual Arts,” revisits a course I took in undergrad at Michigan that started my fascination with collaboration and the intersection of writing, speaking, and multimodality.