jumper coffee

What began in my kitchen as a hobby in 2012 quickly blossomed into an obsession. Since first roasting beans into customized blends in spring of that year, I went years without buying a single ounce of store-bought coffee for the house.

As of 2015 I took a bit of a commercial break, only roasting beans for personal use. But I hope to return to the decidedly not lucrative hobby of selling custom-roasted beans again soon, like I did inĀ 2012 when I began selling my beans in personalized jars on etsy and communicating with customers via a Facebook page. You’ll have to take my word that I was ahead of the mason jar and divine twine craze.

I love coffee. I miss making coffee. Maybe if you push me I’ll start the business up again, quit my day job, and take you on a partner. Till then, feel free to ask for custom roasts (or samples.)

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