Song #22 // Lucy Dacus, “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore” [No Burden]

Reasons to be an adjunct:

  1. You need money.
  2. You don’t need money.
  3. You don’t understand the concept of money.
  4. You’d like to enjoy the freedom of being unemployed for just part of the time.
  5. The kids.
  6. Ability to add “I’m a professor” or “I teach at…” to your repertoire of pick-up lines.
  7. You recently watched Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, Rudy, and/or Kindergarten Cop.
  8. Summers off.
  9. You believe that your hard work, dedication, engagement with students, long hours, ethical approach, and/or pedagogically-sound teaching will be recognized and awarded with security, promotion, and respect.
  10. You want your Masters degree to be the second dumbest thing you’ve done with your life.

N.B.–This seemed funnier in my head. In fact it kept me up late a few nights ago with how clever (and truthful!) I thought I was being. Now that I’ve written it out, though…Anyway, I’m keeping it here because it’s more self-critique than anything. My faults are my own, and when even the Simpsons have an oft-quoted quip about making terrible life choices maybe there’s some truth here even if it’s not particularly funny.

There’s not much to say about this song beyond what’s in the title. Ironic or not, wouldn’t it be nice to simply not be _____ anymore? Preach, Lucy.