Song #22 // James Vincent McMorrow, “Red Dust” [Post Tropical]


Well, at least I’m consistently inconsistent. For the past five years I’ve put my year-end lists on indefinite hiatus as I’ve ended one (school) year, started another, and tried to find a new job at the same time. Last year I pre-empted the whole thing by not writing a single post. So why should this year be any different?

But then I do suppose I owe some sort of explanation. However ladies don’t kiss and tell so I’ll simply say that I’ve been all over the country, including a week out of the country, served on a pointless committee, taught classes that deserved so much more than I gave them, been a better Dad on the weekends than I’ve ever been, been a better husband at times, been a worse husband at times, been a fairly decent son, ditto for friend, and–let’s face it–let myself go physically. I mean, seriously, would it kill me to exercise at least once a week?

Still, I don’t give up that easy, and so here I am to finish out the final three songs. Granted I’ve completely forgotten what I was gonna write for each, and my worldview has been supplanted with excitement and disappointment in the early parts of the new year, but I’m still committed to what I started (despite what those bastards said in my supposed Senior Predictions in HS; I’ve never forgiven them for that by the way.)

So here we go. For better or worse. Just two more. Hang with me.

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