Song #28 // Beth Orton, “Dawnstar” [Kidsticks]

I started writing this poem last year in the days after Valentine’s Day (my least favorite non-NYE holiday.) One of the few social things I had going for me in the year after moving to Austin was taking my daughter grocery shopping after school. There she’d invariably want to touch and hold every plush red and pink doll that depressed the hell out of me. But she loved them with some earnestness and sincerity that I felt shamed to ever doubt the power of stupid inanimate objects to bring out the purest emotion in the purest of hearts.

It’s incomplete, but I’d love to return to it one day:

February 16

Stock. Product.
Holiday items.
Making room for the end-caps.
Turning over the seasonal aisle.
Dark reds and violets
Bleed out to soft pastels.
Plush hearts
And bears and bugs
And all in-betweens
Are reborn in the harsh
Fluorescent efficiency
Into bunnies and baskets
And chicks and

It’s too much

Love has no season.

Sadly Beth Orton, for me, will never outlive her deep attachment to my solitary walks up and down hills in San Francisco now over 12yrs ago. Still, I have a continuing very deep soft spot for her music however it comes, as long as it comes ethereal and melancholy.