Song #34 // Wilco, “If I Ever Was a Child” [Wilco Schmilco]

And that will do it for this year. Lessons learned: don’t start on December 19, try to narrow down the tracklisting to under 30 songs, try to meet more people so that my writing isn’t so self-centered, have fun. I hope you did, too.

If nothing else I’m including this song just because this album artwork is so wonderful. It’s by far my favorite. The fact that this song is so short and earnest just makes it all the better. In another band’s hands this could feel like a real jewel on another album. Here it sounds almost throw-away, which actually makes me marvel all the more. Someone told me a long time ago that we’d look back and see Wilco as our Beatles. I’m still skeptical, but there’s no doubt they’ve written themselves deep into our history books at this point.