Song #8 // Frankie Lee, “High and Dry” [American Dreamer]

FACT: You can buy coyote urine on Amazon.

FACT: You can buy said coyote urine in gallon jugs or 4oz bottles on Amazon. (I bought a 4oz bottle.)

FACT: I just realized that I had meant to add Beck’s song “Wow” to this year’s list not because I particularly liked it, but because it’s sonicaly rich and seemed like it would be a great song for people who enjoy drugs like ecstasy.

FACT: Coyote urine is advertised on Amazon using descriptors like “PURE!” and under names like “Leg Up” and “Simply Scentsational.”

FACT: Coyote urine is black, viscous, and salty smelling. In many ways it looks, feels, and smells exactly like soy sauce that has gone putrid.

FACT: I never once thought I’d be talking about this with any kind of personal knowledge before 2016.

My sincere apologies to Frankie Lee, another alt-country entry on this year’s list. This fact sheet on the e-commerce of coyote urine had to come somewhere, I guess, and it just happened to fall on his slot. “High and Dry,” (not a Radiohead cover) to my knowledge, has nothing to do with coyotes and/or urine, but here it is. A strange kind of synergy indeed.

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