I’ve been a teacher, tutor, mentor, docent, and consultant since 2001, when I began teaching at a high school in Ann Arbor. Since then, I’ve taught classes in writing, education, technology, podcasting, and online learning. I’ve given workshops on writing dissertations, pedagogy, social media use, and even urban history and forestry. I’m a product of public schools, and am a strong advocate for teachers and students who are underserved, undervalued, and underrepresented.

While I officially left full-time teaching in 2017, I continue to teach online for NYU, and firmly believe that all interactions are teaching opportunities.

Teaching/Tutoring History
You can view a detailed overview of my teaching activities below:

New York University – School of Professional Studies

St. Edward’s University – Department of English Literature, Writing, and Rhetoric

  • ENGW 3335, Professional and Technical Writing, Fall 2015 & Spring 2016
  • ENGW 2329, Document Design, Fall 2015 & Spring 2016
  • FSTY 1311, Rhetoric & Composition I, Fall 2015
  • ENGW 1302, Rhetoric & Composition II (Honors), Spring 2016

Stanford University – Program in Writing and Rhetoric

  • PWR 1, “Rhetoric of Instructional Texts,” Fall 2005
  • PWR 1, “Best Value Ever: Rhetoric of Consumerism in Education,” Fall 2006
  • PWR 1, “Chick-Flicks and Break-Up Songs: Rhetoric of Relationships,” Winter 2007
  • PWR 1, “Rhetoric of Higher Education,” Spring 2007
  • PWR 1, “Mixtapes & Meetups: The Interactive Rhetoric of Media and Relationships,” Spring 2012
  • PWR 1, “Popular Science to Girl Talk: The Rhetoric of Remediation, Remix, and Adaptation,” Fall 2012 & Spring 2013
  • Writing 1D (Advanced HS students), “Introduction to College Writing, Reading, and Research: The Rhetoric and Language of (Online) Relationships,” Summer 2013
  • PWR 2, “Sounds of Stanford: Listening and Writing to Higher Education,” Winter 2013
  • PWR 2, “This Stanford Life: Podcasting about Academe,” Winter 2014
  • PWR 2, “Sounds of Stanford: Authoring Archives, Podcasts, & Stories,” Spring 2014 & Fall 2014
  • PWR 2, “How to Tell a Story and Win an Audience,” Winter 2015 [forthcoming]
  • PWR 91, “Advanced Writing: Writing and Publishing Science & Technology for Popular Audiences,” Spring 2015 [forthcoming]

University of Michigan – English Department Writing Program

  • ENG 125, “College Writing: The Rhetoric of Relationships,” Fall 2007
  • ENG 125, “College Writing: The Rhetoric of Visual Media and Online Interaction,” Winter 2008
  • ENG 223, “Introduction to Creative Writing: Writing a Voice, Expecting an Audience,” Fall 2008
  • ENG 225, “Writing with Technology: Argumentative Writing and Design,” Winter 2009
  • ENG 125, “Collaborative College Writing: Social Media, Collaborative Technology & College Writing,” Fall 2010
  • ENG 229, “Establishing an Online Identity and Writing for the Web: Professional and Business Writing for the 21st Century,” Winter 2011
  • ENG 325, “The Art of the Essay: Advanced Essay Writing,” Summer 2012

University of Michigan – School of Education

  • EDUC 222, “Video Games and Learning,” Winter 2009 and Winter 2010

University of Notre Dame – Writing and Rhetoric

  • FYC 110, “How To Be Alone” (two sections), Fall 2003
  • FYC 110, “Consumerism and Education” (two sections), Winter 2004
  • FYC 110, “Consumerism and Education” (three sections), Fall 2004
  • FYC 110, “Story and Narrative” (three sections), Winter 2005

I am a strong supporter of open educational resources (OERs) and sharing materials with others. Below is a small sampling of some of my recent materials that may be helpful. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know.

I often return to my Teaching Philosophy as a way to check in on my evolving pedagogy and foundational teaching values. You can read a TP by clicking here.

I have taught dozens of classes over the past dozen or so years, and so I have many sample syllabi to share. Here are a few recent courses, but if you would like more (or more information), please contact me directly.


This was a promotional video for my PWR2 course, “Sounds of Stanford: Authoring Archives, Podcasts, & Stories”:

This was the previous promotional video for my PWR2 course, “Sounds of Stanford: Authoring Archives, Podcasts, & Stories”:


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