I’m a writer. I write at work. I teach writing. I write for fun. And more than anything, I love to read good writing.

I’m currently seeking representation for my 4 completed childrens’/picture books. Stories include a child too anxious to fall asleep, a boy born with a beard, and a girl who befriends a monster who can’t scare people.

I continue to write short fiction as well as chip away at a longer piece of fiction that can’t be called a novel until it’s finished. Till then it’s just a long story about a daughter, her elderly father, and a future where trees are only a memory. It’s very uplifting.

I’ve pitched ideas to podcasts including This American Life, including what became Episode 587, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

I’ve been an editorial writer, writing for the Ann Arbor News/AnnArbor.com.

And I regularly post thought pieces related to digital marketing to LinkedIn, as well as an annual breakdown of my favorite music of the year.

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